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Wellness is a State of Total Well-Being
The Total Wellness Story

    Wellness is a State of Total Well-Being requiring us to live in harmony with nature. Wellness is not merely the absence of infirmity, symptoms or disease. With wellness our minds and our body's feel vibrant, energized and thrilled to be alive! If we feel less than in perfect health our minds have the power to improve our wellness.
Our minds
    Our minds are the interplay of the thought processes and stored memory in the brain. Our minds consist of the stored accumulation of knowledge over time and can manifest this consciousness. When our minds are continuously energized, we have the power of creativity and reason. A continuously energized mind can expand creativity and reason of this stored knowledge.
    When our minds engage our body into physical action, we have the power to transform our body, cure disease and extend life.
Wellness and Preventative Health Care
    We can improve our level of health through preventative health care. Prevention is more than just check-ups. A regular exam by a health care professional is important and medical science excels in early detection, but we must do more. During an exam a practitioner may detect signs and symptoms of disease in our body long before we may detect our own symptom. For the doctor to detect these signs the disease must already be present. But by practicing Active Prevention it is possible to stop some diseases before they begin. Symptoms are not the illness. Symptoms are signals that our body sends to us to tell us we are sick. When a person gets a serious illness, it may have been developing in the body for years before being manifested. Although the symptoms may appear suddenly, the disease may have been progressing for a long time. For example, Cardio-Vascular Disease and Cancer may take 10 to 15 years or more to develop or before showing symptoms. During that time we gradually lose our health even though we may not have noticed any signs or symptoms.
    During these times we can do Active Prevention for better wellness, we don't need to wait until we experience the symptoms of a disease, when we can build a strong healthy body now.
Active Prevention
    Active prevention means building our body and immune system so that it is strong enough to combat the onslaught of a disease processes. Scientist name new diseases daily, bacteria, viruses, microbes, mutated supergerms and more. It is impossible to keep up with all of these diseases and to look for cures. We must strengthen our bodies from within to protect us from disease. The best healer and preventer of disease is our doctor within.
The Doctor Within
    Our minds have an Innate Intelligence "a Life Force" that forms it, controls it and keeps it alive. When we are ill it is this life force that renews your health again. Medical intervention may diminish the symptoms or even prolong our life, giving our body enough time for it to heal itself. It is always our body that does all the actual healing.
    Many diseases can actually be stopped long before a lab test is positive or a symptom shows up. We all have damaged cells in our bodies. Strong immune systems are usually able to destroy them, but if our bodies are weakened it is more likely that a disease could develop.
    Through Active Prevention our doctor within can strengthen our bodies and possibly prevent a serious illness. Active Prevention works because of Cellular Regeneration.
Cellular Regeneration
    Every minute of every day your body is renewing itself. Our bodies have about 100 trillion cells. Each day, billions of cells in our bodies die and new ones replace them. The quality of the new cells determines our health in the future. Our cells are affected by the foods you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, sunshine and anything that gets into your body through the skin. Exercise, rest, our environment and stress can also affect the quality of these cells and the health and strength of our body.
    The frequency at which these cells are replaced differs in various types of bodily tissues. Some tissues regenerate very quickly and some take years. Except for our brain and certain parts of the nervous system, we regenerate a new body about every seven years. Most of our cells are replaced within that time.
    When you were seven years old, you had a very different body from when you were first born. When you were fourteen, you were in another new body. Hormones influenced you and helped you to grow taller and more like a young adult than a child. By the time you were 21 you were in an adult body. This body was totally different from the one you were born with or the one you will have when you are 70 years old.
    Just as hormones influence the changes in our body, so does everything else that we do. Foods that we eat are the materials that form the body's building blocks. When we eat an unhealthy food we are affecting more than our waistline. We are having an effect on the health of the new body that we will have seven years from now. Every time we exercise we are increasing our potential for a stronger body in the future. Each time we smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol or take a harmful drug we are poisoning our body and increasing our chances of developing diseased cells. Excess stress prevents our cells from forming perfectly. The life force is continually regenerating we can directly influence our health and the body that we have in the future. By incorporating wellness practices we can get our body to build stronger, healthier cells as it replaces the old ones.
    When our body regenerates new cells we want them to be healthy cells not diseased cells. Our actions can make the difference! We have the power to create illness or health in our own body. With active prevention we take action to encourage our body to be healthy. There are many techniques for this such as proper nutrition, regular exercise, fresh air and sunshine and abstaining from poisons such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Anti-stress techniques such as deep breathing and meditation can also create wellness in our body and can help us to ward off disease.
First concept of wellness
    The first concept of wellness is to start focusing on wellness and away from illness, on healthily solutions and away from drugs and the illness peddlers. There are many influences on our health such as diet, exercise and stress that are under our direct control.
    Wellness by Living in Harmony with Nature means keeping all aspects of life in balance; a balance that is deeply satisfying and promotes a healthy experience of being fully human and fully engaged with life.
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